The Norwalk Historical Commission

The Norwalk Historical Commission is authorized by the CIty of Norwalk and through local ordinance to oversee and manage the historic properties owned by the municipal government. Among these properties are four cemeteries - Brookside, Kellogg-Comstock, Mill Hill and Pine Island Cemetery - and ten historical buildings and their surrounding landscapes. These are: Town House (1835), Lock-up (1861), Governor Fitch Law Office (c. 1740), Downtown District Schoolhouse (1826), Smith Street Barn (c. 1880), Lockwood House (c. 1973) (aka Norwalk Historical Society Museum), Lockwood-Mathews Mansion (1865) and its associated original outbuildings, the Gate Lodge, Gardener's Cottage (aka the Laundry) and Carriage House.

The collections and archives of the Norwalk Museum also fall under the Historical Commission's jurisdiction and are managed by the Norwalk Historical Society.  
PO Box 1640
Norwalk, CT 06852