Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m interested in an item in your online collection, but there is not much information about it, or it lacks an image. Can you provide more information?
A: Many items are not fully cataloged. Contact the contributing institution for more information. You can either click on the envelope icon to send an email to the institution from the site, or you each institution will have contact details on the information pages; either click the link on the page of the item you are interested in, or go to Institutions > Browse and select the institutions to see the information.

Q: Can I use an image from your website for a school project or other personal use?
A: Each institution has their own rules and guidelines for using materials from their collections. Contact the institutions to confirm if you can use things for school or other personal use.

Q: I want to know if an object I see on your website is on display at the museum. If not, why not, and when will it be available for viewing?
A: The best thing to do is contact the contributing institution directly. Use the envelope icon to email them, or go to their main information page for other contact info.