Eric Sloane Museum

The Eric Sloane Museum was founded in 1969 through a cooperation between the State of Connecticut, Eric Sloane, and the Stanley Works Company to house and display the early American tool collection of Eric Sloane. Arranged and labeled by Sloane himself, the collection was compiled by the artist and designed by him to tell a story that centers the spirit and people of early America through the tools, how they were made, and how they were used. The museum houses original works of art by Sloane and a recreation of the artist’s studio added in 1986 after his death. The grounds of the museum host a recreation of an early American homestead that is based upon the cabin described in Sloane’s famous work, Diary of an Early American Boy, as well as the remains of the Kent Iron Furnace, an 1826 iron furnace in operation for over 70 years, a central piece to the early industrial history of New England. The museum also serves as a center for teaching and promoting traditional crafts, building trades and historic preservation through hands on workshops and classes.
31 Kent Cornwall Road
Kent, CT 06757