You have several options for viewing the materials from CTCo. If you want to see everything in CTCo, then enter an asterisk in the quick search box at the center of the home page. If you are looking for something in particular you can enter any search term in the main search box, or select one of the search suggestion terms. You will get a page of results, separated into different sections:
  • Archives
  • People & Organizations
  • Objects

By default under each section if there are results shown as thumbnails. Click on any of these if you want to go into an individual result. To see all of the results in a section, to right of the section titles and you will see FULL RESULTS as an option. Click that and by default you will see thumbnail views of the results; at the upper right of the results you will see additional options to see the results as more of a list (still including a thumbnail) or a map view. If a record has the location entered it will show up on the map, and you can access it from there and also see what else may be in the area.

Advanced Search
In addition to the Simple Search there is also an Advanced Search to find records with a particular set of criteria. There are Advanced Searches available for both the Objects and the Archives, and you can get to either by clicking on Advanced search near the simple search box at the top right, or on the Main Home Page, click on the link below the suggested search terms in the Search Box.

Use as many fields as you think are appropriate to what you are trying to find and click Search. If you do not find results, remove search fields one by one to broaden your search. If you end up with too many results you can also Filter.

When you land on the page of search results, Filters are visible at the far right. You can either narrow the results by entering an additional search term in the box at the top or select from some of the filter categories. Expand categories by clicking on the term; you will then be able to select multiple sub-terms by clicking on the word - you will see a plus sign appear next to the word - nce you are done selecting, click on Apply at the bottom of the list. (Numbers in parentheses next to the term denote how many related records there are for the term.)

The terms you have been searching and filtering by appear in green boxes at the top of the Filter list - to remove those terms from the search/filter, click on the small x in the box.

My Gallery
If you are a teacher pulling together a group of materials for your students and your class, or you just want to save groups of your favorite records, you can register and login to save groups of records. For classes or groups of people you can choose a code for them to enter and get to your Gallery, the code has to be entered when you initially register.

To register or login, click on the outline of the person at the top right near the quick search box.